Who are Blind Vendors?
Blind Vendors are men and women who are empowered to operate vending and other foodservices on federal, state, local and private locations. We have been serving the public since 1937 with the adoption by the US Congress of the “Randolph-Sheppard Act.”

What types of products do you sell?
We sell many types of products developed for the convince food industry. They include snacks, beverages, candy, coffee, water, pastries, prepared meals and fresh foods.

What types of services do you offer?
We provide our products through vending machines, convivence stores, micro markets, snack boxes, office and home coffee services, direct drop off and direct shipping.

What products are in the Munchie Box?
Munchie boxes can be configured by the types of products you prefer. Our Munchie Boxes come in the following vaireties: Munchies Box, Not-So-Bad-For -You Munchies Box, Healthier Munchies Box, Breakfast/Pastry Munchies Box, Beverage Box, K-Cup Coffee Box and Single Pot Coffee Box.

How many items are in each Munchie Box?
This varies by type of Munchie Box, but it is designed to scale up based on your needs. The specific quantities are listed by each box type. If you need more quantity simply add an additional box to your order.

My order can be hand delivered. Who handles this?
The Blind Vendor will hand deliver your order to your office or home. This depends on your location and at some locations we will have to ship your order.

Can I order directly through the Blind Vendor?
Yes. You can also continue to order through the website.

Can you deliver out of state?
Yes. We can ship anywhere in the lower 48.

How long does shipping take?
Typically 3-5 business days.

Can I get a subscription started?
Yes. Once you have the products you prefer you can set up recurring orders.





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Gio's Story

Don’t ever tell Giovanni Francese he can’t do something – he’ll prove you wrong.

As CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reported Wednesday, he’ll also open your eyes to the potential of people who are blind and visually impaired.

Francese is totally blind and owns his own business. He is no stranger to the service industry.

“My family is in the restaurant business – we’ve got restaurant Mattone in LaGrange Park, Coarse Italian in Glenview, and I worked there for 20 years,” he said.

But then, Francese ventured out on his own and created Super G Vending. He credits training from the business enterprise program for the blind.

“Our mission is about education, employment, independent living,” said Rahnee Patrick of the Illinois Division of Rehabilitative Services.

“The Business Enterprise Program for the Blind provides an entrepreneur opportunity for blind people to own their own businesses – either in vending, cafeteria, or gift shop,” Francese said.

His first business was a hit, and now, his latest business is open. It’s a micro-market at the Lake Point Tower Condominium.

We wondered what his secret is for keeping his inventory in check.

“Organization is a big key, so long as when I put the order away, it’s all put in the same spot, well then I always know that I’m always grabbing the Pepsi as opposed to the Diet Pepsi,” Francese explained.

Technology is also helpful.

“I can run a report that’ll tell me what the sales were on a day-to-day basis, through my phone or through a software program called JAWS that helps read my PC at home.” Francese said.

But even with those advancements, the unemployment rate for people who are blind is 70 percent.

“Just because they’re blind doesn’t mean they don’t have the skillset your company is looking for,” Francese said.

Francese lives by example. HE can’t drive, so he hired Chris, who is deaf.

“Like everybody that has a disability, they just want to be able to work and be independent, and provide for their families, and be able to live a normal life just like anybody else,” Francese said.

Giovanni Francese Is Completely Blind And Owns A Successful Vending Business In Lake Point Tower 
By Audrina Bigos December 4, 2019 at 6:04 am Filed Under: 
Audrina Bigos, Blindness CHICAGO (CBS)
If you want to learn more about the Business Enterprise Program for the Blind, click here for the Illinois Department of Human Services.