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Alliant Coffee Solutions, based in Edmonds, WA, is another office coffee service supplier tuned into the evolving needs of the breakroom consumer.

“The office breakroom is a sanctuary where we go to enjoy a cup of coffee, focus our minds and collaborate with coworkers,” said Alliant marketing manager Marina Cappagli. “It’s important to keep breakroom users educated and safe. Alliant is dedicated to helping OCS operators provide the benefits of a great cup of coffee and community with your colleagues without the need to venture out into crowded public spaces where the control is out of your hands.”


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Coffee Machines

Krea Espresso

Krea Espresso

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Krea is the ideal solution for medium to large offices and locations where quality coffee, reliability and contemporary
design are paramount. Benefitting from Necta’s latest espresso brewing and instant freemix technology you can expect
the best quality drinks all day long. The modern and elegant design is highlighted by the LED lights, chromium-plated
selection buttons and striking side panels. In addition, the perfectly balanced coffee hopper and waste container
capacities guarantee the highest level of operational efficiency.

fresh and freeze-dried cOFFEE

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Bring the European café experience to your customers with barista-quality hot beverages. These hot beverage machines have all the bells and whistles; featuring a European-design, state-of-the-art brewing system and filter system for precise ingredient controls to ensure a high-quality cup with superb taste, aroma, color and appearance is delivered each and every time.

Available in freeze-dried and fresh brew models, the Evoke Coffee dispenses a broad menu of premium and specialty hot beverages, serving them just the way your customers like them. In fact, the Evoke Coffee hot beverage merchandiser offers a comprehensive range of 11 core hot beverages with a total of 34 hot beverage combination options of coffee, specialty coffee, hot chocolate, tea, cappuccino and espresso.

Evoke Coffee Vending Machine


  • European-designed, state-of-the art brwing and filter system
  • Roast ground, freeze dried, & bean-to-cup models
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant
  • LED lighting
  • Energy saving advanced power management system
  • Comprehensive drink range
  • Automatic opening delivery door and illuminated vend area

COTI Freestanding coffee vending machine

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  • Versatile, customizable menu and drink selection to mirror coffee shop experience.
  • Roast ground, freeze dried, & bean-to-cup models
  • Large 21” touchscreen with support for customizable graphics and screen content, including ADA screen compatibility, and personalized user experience.
  • Reusable cup option to reduce single-use cup waste.
  • Hygienic by design, minimal touchpoints and integrated contactless cashless payment provide a clean and safe self-serve OCS experience.

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